Thursday, 19 December 2013

Izzy - Metallic Paws

Izzy wears the 'Against the World' dress

Hi Dolls!

We have collaborated with yet another blogger - Metallic Paws blogger, Izzy. 
Izzy has said it right, the 'Against the World Dress' is the perfect New Years party dress. Drapes, structure and colour all in the same garment. If you're afraid of drapes making you look frumpy, this dress has the perfect amount of structure to offset the drapes. It has the most perfect amount of 'put togetherness', ultimately making you look polished yet laid back. Izzy has paired this with a belt making it seem a little more polished - wear this without a belt and look a little more casual, either way the dress does all the talking. Shop it in black for the perfect LBD. Watch Izzy's style look book for this festive season.

Dolly Girl has all your New Years party dresses set, SHOP!

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